Thank you for visiting Natural Impressions, a Chinese Export Company that produces seasonal and holiday decorations made from Natural Materials. From our Design Center, we have specialty, exclusive and trademarked design items from novelties to home decor accessories. Please find more information about our company below!

Our products are as natural, as possible, we use mostly organic materials from the earth, recycled papers, repurposed base materials, non toxic colors and binders, as much as we can to not contribute to earth's landfills.

The central Import/Export Office is located in the Asia Business Center in downtown Shenyang, China and our manufacturing complex is a short drive from town or Shenyang (SHE) airport.

We invite you to visit our product showrooms!


We develop a wide variety of products created from natural materials. Seasonal, holiday and home decor - including animals, wreaths, garlands, potpourri, boxes, wall art and more. Our design is focused to match the trend forecasts for US and EU marketplace. Our customers have their own ideas and designs, and we are happy to work together to meet the expectations of all customers around the globe.

Boiled Wool Felt and Spun Cotton

Burlap and Jute

Designer Fabrics, Textiles, Fur, Cotton, Leather, Suede

Dried Flowers and Fruit, Herbs, Spices


French Lavender and other Fragrant Materials

Leaves, Moss, Lichens, Grass

Paper Pulp and Paper

Pinecones and Pine Cone Petals

Seashells, Sea Glass, Sand, Starfish, Driftwood

Wood Veneer and Paper Bark

Woodchip, Slice, Shavings, Excelsior and Twigs


Natural Impressions offers a full service Design Center, at your service and for your design managers/artisans to create and develop products. Complete with components to develop proprietary merchandise lines, specialty products and exclusive designs to meet the demands of customers.

We have an area just for designers, product developers and buyers to create new and innovative products. Furs, naturals with finishes, textiles and a variety of organics.

Textiles and a variety of materials. For creations from seasonal novelty to home decor accessories.

NIDC is prepared to follow your changes and specification. Sometimes, it is just making adjustments to market goods. Changing colors, substitution of materials or to prepare complete new design from specs. Our designers are ready to turn your ideation into reality.

The Design Center is happy to work with your story boards, themes and trend guides to create your items as you desire.

When given a theme or design request, an entire merchandise setting is prepared especially for your company to meet size, shape, price and variety sku guidlines

We specialize in creating your themed merchandise plan-o-grams or end cap programs as required for seasonal programs or special holiday displays.

When brand recognition is essential - we will design and create romance tags for specialty packaging to meet the needs of your company

Natural Impressions has a wide variety of exclusive design papers to meet your needs for making products, packaging or product covers. Given color and design specs - we will create designs for your proprietary paper needs.

A multitude of laces, glitters, buttons, designer ribbons ropes, chains, charms, yarns, beads, pom poms, sequins, chenilles, sand tulle and much, much more to coordinate with textiles for your designed products.

The Design Center has an extensive library of various artwork for seasonal and holiday enhancements. They can be used for canvas wall prints or other projects.