Charla Hayen's Name Portraits - hand illumination in ink, watercolor and collage.





The family of MT "Penny" Ross - have a website featuring the artwork of their Grandfather.





China Import/Export Commodities Fair (CECF - A bond of friendship A bridge for trade

International Fair, held in April and October in Guangzhou, (Old Canton), China. Natural Impressions displays our goods and we invite you to join us. For booth information or invitation letter for China Visa, please CLICK HERE.


Pandas International

PI is non-profit organization, ensuring the preservation and propagation of the endangered Giant Panda. Officed from Littleton, Colorado, USA and their sister office in Shenyang, China - PI tries to represent the voice of the CCRCGP-China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda, by bringing a higher awareness of the plight of the endangered panda and its habitat. The donations of many through this org provide the needs of the center for breeding research, the needs of the animal hospital, the bamboo plantation and the adoption center, plus educational materials for schools and other orgs with the same focus.


CCRCGP - China Conservation Research Center for the Giant Panda Wolong National Nature Reserve

English Version HERE

Wolong, China is the home of the Giant Panda. Captive pandas are involved in research of all aspects of panda life, breeding/reproduction, health, diet, habitat and reintroduction programs to the wild. The panda is still listed on the red danger zone of the endangered species list with less than 1600 known to exist.


Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society

HKDCS is a non-governmental organization that is dedicated not only to the local pink dolphin population it does extensive research into the conservation of whales, and dolphins and porpoises in Hong Kong; to protect them through scientific research and public education.


Planet Zoo - We are all in this together

Planet Zoo produces all occasion gifts and stationery featuring wildlife in their natural habitat and beautiful floral designs. Their merchandise is created using recycled materials and soy based inks. PZ donates a portion of every sale to deserving wildlife organizations in the United States.